Introducing 19 Richmond Wood, the latest addition to Sunningdale.


We are no strangers to beautiful properties here at Landmark. We develop a whole host of stunning builds across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Greater London. Through out the years, we’ve meticulously designed and constructed many properties with absolute precision and elegancy. That’s why its all the more impressive that 19 Richmond Wood really is the jewel in the crown for us.

We design and construct our homes to the best possible standards and regulations. Therefore it take years for our builds to come to fruition. Being one of our biggest builds yet, a lot of anticipation was built along the way. Finally, we are able to go into detail about this new home now it is fully developed. It has truly exceeded expectation so we cant wait to share it with you!

Where 19 Richmond Wood began

19 Richmond Wood was initially just an aging yet modest home that was in dire need of a re-development. This is how most of our projects start. A medium sized bungalow on a generous yet underutilized plot of land. It’s short comings were evident but we could clearly see the potential. The existing property did however have a reasonable amount of floor space. This is typical of bungalows though as they rely on the maximizing the single floor. However, we knew that there was still more we could do with the available land to create an even greater floor presence.

The property had its advantages such as ease of movement and accessibility due in part to it being a bungalow. Never the less, we knew this property was ultimately wasted potential. Especially being on a road such as Richmond wood which is home to mostly multi storied mansions. We wanted to transform this building into a mansion of the same ilk that the rest of the road was accustomed to, with of course, landmarks unique touch. Different areas have different requirements for how high a build can go, with some being more suited to two floors. However, we had ample land surrounding the home so there was plenty of scope to build up to three stories while still allowing for copious amounts of natural light to reach all around the home.

A very important aspect of architecture is the presentation. The look of a house can either set it apart from others around it or as it should have done in this case, caused it to become a proud asset to a prestigious road. The bungalow just simply didn’t do this road justice. Its very simplistic design and shape caused it to look rather outdated. The home showed its age and was a major reason why it needed rejuvenating. The interior was no different; tired walls, carpets and fittings all giving the home a look accustomed to something from the 1950s.

The location

The area in which you build a home is imperative. Its should compliment the property while also allowing the home to compliment to the road itself. Luckily, the surrounding land is both beautiful and expansive. As mentioned previously, the road is extremely lavish, absolutely the right place for a mansion of 19 Richmond Woods grandeur. 100 feet behind the garden is the prestigious Sunningdale golf course. This really sets the tone for the type of lifestyle a home such as this can offer.

It’s not just the immediate surroundings that are important though. For practicality purposes, both opportunities for leisure and work need to be easily accessible. It was evident that Sunningdale is a gorgeous location, with a lot to offer. This was one of the main aspects that drew us into this project. Known to be a desirable commuter town, there is easy access to all of London with the local train station being less than a mile away for both work or pleasure purposes. One train direct from the station will get you straight onto the underground where you can explore the city without restriction. Heathrow airport, one of the world’s most renowned, is just 10 miles from Richmond Wood. Providing easy travel access without the noise disturbances you’d get from being too near.

We love a quaint town like the one Sunningdale has to offer, which has a lot of character to it. It has just the right amount of energy with it not being too busy but always maintaining a good atmosphere while people proceed with their lives, visiting the countless numbers of shops and restaurants that line the street. Overall, we love the location that houses this home, ticking all the boxes we could ask for on a build like this.

The new 19 Richmond wood

Bringing a new property to life requires a lot of time and work, especially on a development such as this. We build all of our homes to perfection. We design each room to be elegant and functional. This is evident from the art that lines the walls with decoration to the A/C systems throughout to provide perfect thermoregulation. We wanted to ensure that the property stood out, even on a road like Richmond Wood which is home to numerous mansions. So, we spared no expenses to make this a truly spectacular home.

External overhaul

At first glance its evident that we took a drastically different approach from the original property, being three stories high and extremely striking in its appearance, completely contrasting the safe but mundane bungalow of the past. The end of the road will no longer provide mediocrity. A house on a road like this needs to make a statement while not being too peculiar in its design.

Due to this we opted for a Georgian aesthetic. This style perfectly accentuates a spacious and comfortable abode, with grand proportions and a heightened sense of light and space while also complimenting the rest of Richmond Wood. Ivory stonework on the window frames, dentils, cornice and parapets enhance the brick elevations by providing a contrast. Ivory pillars shroud the front entrance, leading on to the Permeable Cotswold stone laid driveway. This spacious driveway along with the three-car garage can house many vehicles for when parties or gatherings are in order. And the slate tile roof completely brings the home together.

We love what we have done with the look of the home, it’s had the exact impact we were looking for, especially in aerial shots which include the scenic surroundings from the original property. Keeping the existing natural beauty was imperative in our vision. We used topographic tree plans when designing the property allowed us to create a perfect amalgamation between old and new.

Internal charm

We ensured that your first steps inside of 19 Richmond Wood would elicit awe. The majestic hallway greets you upon entry to the home, decorated with mirrors to increase the perceived space as well as furniture lining the sides of the hall, providing a lot of character. This hall way leads on to most of the rooms on the first floor including the remarkable spa room. Here you have access to the pool, hot tub and sauna room. A room like this elevates a delightful property into a luxury home which can accommodate all your wants and needs. Similarly, the cinema and entertainment rooms have the same effect, providing the opportunity for countless hours of enjoyment within your downtime. Imagine being able to watch a film, subsequently relaxing in a pool to then finishing off your evening with a game of pool, all within the confines of this property.

Of course, it’s not all about fun and games. A home fundamentally is a place which provides all you need to go about your day. You need to eat, wash and work within your home or you’ll soon be finding yourself elsewhere. With this in mind we know that these areas can, without care, become all too dull so we put as much care into these spaces as anywhere else in the property. Each bathroom, kitchens and the study has been meticulously designed. They all have a unique feel with bespoke characteristics within them due to this. Small touches that bring life into even the most simplistic of rooms.

These are but a few of the many rooms within 19 Richmond Wood, all with their own purpose and style. You get an immeasurable sense of accomplishment when a house completes its development. Walking through the final product to see the labours of your work. You can only imagine how it felt for us on that first tour around this home not so long ago!


There is a lot more to 19 Richmond Wood’s story and we could easily double the length of this article to tell more of it but I feel I have expressed exactly why we are so excited with this development. Although not yet mentioned, COVID effect the development is defiantly worth noting. Being right in the midst of construction, COVID couldn’t have happened at a worse time for 19 Richmond Wood.

The construction was going extremely smooth up until, like all developments at the time, we had to close down the site. This had huge implications on not only the whole project schedule which we completely had to re plan but other concurrent builds as well. The plan was to ensure we finished as close to the original date as possible, while of course still bringing at least the same level of quality to the home as we had always envisioned. We needed to do this while having to bring in new contractors as many of the prior ones had left the project due to uncertain times. It was quite a unique challenge, but ultimately one we met with success as we finished the project just after the original finishing date.

We prioritized 19 Richmond Wood to ensure it would be completed within the same time frame but of course this meant that other projects have had to be delayed which we are still feeling the ramifications of to date. Ultimately though considering how the whole world has been affected, we are extremely happy with how the project ended up and we hope you feel the same!

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Written by Jason Wenborn

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