World Cuisine Day

Continuing our 2018 resolution of eating healthy and keeping active, the office decided to have beautiful team lunch together. Motivated to the cause, Sukh Bal and Diviya Varsani volunteered to cook this month and with Chinese New Year just passing, the cuisine was an easy choice. Sukh and Diviya cooked a huge variety of foods from vegetable dumplings and duck wraps to oriental rice and spicy noodles. Last time around, Mav and Suki made tasty Mexican food but this time, they were blown out the park with the variety Sukh and Diviya had made. I think we might have some hidden talents in the office. The lunch was a great success and the whole team enjoyed it. The pair for next month, Ravi and Rupi, have a great challenge ahead of them to top this. Watch this space. #LandmarkLifestyle #Chinese #Healthy #TeamBuilding #DaysatLandmark #cuisine



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