Structural design

Structural Design is a pivotal part of Landmark’s operations. It is a recognised business within Landmark that has come about through organic growth of Landmark’s core role. Moreover, it is a prime function within the practice as a whole. With two full time engineers and supporting staff, our team are able to design everything in-house; from a domestic extension to a high rise building. Our recent developments include luxury houses with expansive basements as well as a mixed use, multi-level building with retail and residential provision.

Landmark is an LABC Partner. LABC give its Partners the ability to be flexible in Building Control matters and expedite, what can be, a lengthy process. This flexibility is only offered to recognised firms with proven track record for excellence in this very complex field.

In addition, our firm is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).  Recognised as the world’s leading construction management body the CIOB is very selective in accreditation.

Structural Design

“Architecture begins by solving problems, but when it is successful it becomes the making of art.”

Paul Goldberger